Handgjorda smycken i Ängelholm

Susanne Brandeby är en självlärd smyckedesigner, som även har ritat sina egna delar i form av blommor, fyrkanter, rektanglar och cirklar (som visas på bilden).

Allt material är noga utvalt, allergivänliga och för att skapa unika kvalitetssmycken i lyxig stil.

Hennes designer resa började 2010, när hon köpte hem pärlor och material. Intresset och passionen kom från en förändring i livet, vilket tog fram kreativiteten hos Susanne.

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Kreationer från designern Susanne Brandeby, inspiration från promenader längs havet vid stranden och underbara promenader med hundarna i skogen.

Pärlarmband Promise

Flexibelt halsband classic two hearts

Tips finns i serien Classic

Flexibla smycken till vardag eller fest, bär de långt eller kort. Vissa modeller kan du bära på många fler sätt. Classic two heart kan du bära ett hjärta i taget eller bägge. Ge det till någon som du tycker om, ge en liten bit av ditt hjärta.



Design by Brandeby is an exclusive jewelry store both in Ängelholm and online. Here you will find jewelry for all occasions - for those who want to find a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones.

Necklaces and bracelets, earrings or flexible necklaces, Design by Brandeby has a large selection. Here you will find handmade jewelry made in Sweden by hand by Susanne. Produced only in limited edition.

Welcome to explore our products in store or when visiting Design by Brandeby's webshop. If you are looking for that unique piece of jewelry or a classic one, I think we can be of service as you can safely add it to your shopping cart.

Susanne designs necklaces, bracelets, earrings and flexible necklaces in self-designed parts. Combined with semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, unique jewelery is created. There are unique people around you, so it is perfect to buy a significant gift for someone you like.


Like many other brands, Susanne Brandeby is passionate about designing with love. There is a lot of care and consideration in every piece of jewelry that is created with extra love. When you choose a piece of jewelry, you get a quality piece of jewelry that will last a long time with careful care. We think that only the best will do for you. What piece of jewelery do you dream of?


What makes us as a company unique is that we want to give back with care and consideration. All semi-precious stones used in the jewelry have a cage in them. The choice to work with rock crystal, labradorite, rose quartz, etc., is precisely because they have messages in themselves. This means that all necklaces, bracelets, earrings and are designed with a thought and carry important properties. What stone are you drawn to?

Susanne started designing in 2010 after suffering from exhaustion syndrome. The therapy out of the heavy journey was precisely to design. There is nothing better than being able to sit down at the designer's table and create, perhaps, your piece of jewelry. Feel free to check out our page for news and explore products for all times.

Don't be afraid to experiment and combine our products. Follow your own personal style, play with today's trends or explore timeless classics. Mix gold and silver, combine pearls with precious stones, mix styles or display entire collections at once. When it comes to accessories and style, there are no limits, only your imagination sets the limits.

Are you interested in a piece of jewelry but would like to hear more about it. You are more than welcome to email me at the following address: susanne@designbybrandeby.som. Shopping with us should be safe and secure.


The material in our jewelery is both metal, metal coated with sterling silver or completely sterling silver. When we choose suppliers, we ensure that the working environment and working conditions are according to the ethical methods in terms of the impact on the environment and our surrounding world. You can be sure that your purchase from us leaves as little of a climate footprint as possible. Susanne has experience in designing flexible jewellery, so if you are interested dare to try just what this jewelery can add to your everyday life or at festive events. Don't be afraid to experiment and combine our products. Follow your own personal style, play with today's trends or explore timeless classics. Mix gold and silver, combine pearls with semi-precious stones, mix styles and colors all at once. When it comes to jewellery, there are no limits, only the imagination sets the limits.


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With us, the jewelery is sent well packaged and traceable just to you. We use Postnord, which delivers safely and securely. We cover the shipping cost, so you don't pay for it. If you have found a favorite, it will be saved in your shopping cart in case you do not have time to complete the purchase. So you don't have to worry about your favorite disappearing.