Welcome to a world of exquisite elegance with our collection of sterling silver jewellery, where every detail exudes an unparalleled level of quality and beauty. Here you will find a design that harmonizes with our other collections, but where the material, genuine sterling silver (925), takes luxury to new heights.

Each piece of jewelry is both handmade and exclusive materials.

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What does Design by Brandeby stand for.

A crucial detail: the clasp allows the necklace to create a relaxed and enchanting look, while it can be clasped around the neck to create a shorter, elegant version. The result is a double necklace around the neck in its short form, and a single necklace when worn long.

We stand for exclusivity and quality in every detail. Our jewelry is created with custom designed components made from allergy friendly materials of the highest quality. Each piece is carefully selected to offer a sense of luxury and sophistication. The necklaces are adorned with well-chosen semi-precious stones and enchanting freshwater pearls, enhancing their unique charm.

Flexible necklaces are not just jewelry, they are an experience of style and individuality. Give yourself the freedom to express your personal elegance with this exclusive collection, where each piece is a unique manifestation of timeless beauty.

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