The meaning of the stones

I have chosen to work with semi-precious stones precisely for its meaning, beautiful appearance and the expression it gives. Love its soft, hard and how you can combine the stones together with my own designed pieces.

What do the stones really mean.....

Agate: supports calmness and tranquility helps to release the fear about our existence. It helps overcome negativity, promotes love and the courage to start over.

Amethyst: a stone of peace. Removes fear and increases hope. The feeling of division decreases and the control of the senses increases. Promotes love and wisdom

Rock crystal : a healing and balances your energy tension in the body disappears. A true stone of protection on all levels. My favorite stone

Jade is associated with courage, justice, humility, and wisdom. Jade is a stone that soothes, protects and brings happiness, success and wealth. Helping you become you.

Kyanite stimulates intuition and gives empathy. It dissolves blockages, confusion, anger, frustration, stress and fears. It is a power stone

Labradorite is said to be strengthening and energizing. The stone has good healing properties, including the immune system, relieving pain and rheumatism.

Pink Opal is a stone for the heart. It helps you get in touch with your feelings. It gives inspiration, hope and favors your imagination and creativity. Pink opal is a stone for inner peace and for healing your close relationships.

Rose quartz brings unconditional love and peace that soothes and supports. It purifies the heart on all levels and gives deep inner love for oneself. The stone awakens self-confidence and self-esteem.

This is only a small part of all the semi-precious stones that exist. I mainly choose to work with these, both for the meaning and the appearance.