Amethyst stone meaning

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The meaning of the amethyst

We have a tab on the webshop where we write about the meaning of the different stones, because the founder Susanne Brandeby chooses stones based on their energy and what she feels about them when she sees them.

This week we wanted to talk about the amethyst, which is a purple stone with structure. Amethyst is a purple color variant of the mineral quartz, and quartz itself is usually white. Amethyst that has clear purple color mixed with, or instead white, can be called a precious stone.

The stone can act as a protective amulet against negativity and stress. It opens your mind to inner stillness, intuition, higher states of consciousness and meditation.

By this we mean that the amethyst grounds you and helps keep you present in the moment. It becomes easier to focus on your positive energy and to find your calm to get to your point in life.

Energy: Healing and higher power within you.

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