New product series - ICONIC

Welcome to our new product range - ICONIC!

Simple and elegant base chains where you can buy different pendants and change them according to mood and outfit, color or shape.

Create your own piece of jewelry by choosing the base chain and then a pendant or link that suits you and your personality. You can also find pendants in the " Be you pendants " series.

Flexibility is what permeates Design by Brandeby and it is also what makes the ICONIC series so powerful. You can buy links, pendants and base chains to create different combinations.

Sometimes you have a certain mood and feel like being a little extra brave - while sometimes you want to express yourself a little more simply. Then the possibilities are many with this series, where you can exchange and change without having to buy several different whole pieces of jewelry!

Package price

Right now you can also make a bargain - starting today there is a package price where you can buy at least 2 products from the ICONIC series, and get 20% off the entire purchase (regardless of how many products you buy). How amazing!?

Happy shopping :)


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